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10 tips on how to plan your zero-waste event.

What’s a zero-waste event?
A zero-waste event – business reception, workshop, party, or any function – takes action to reduce the amount of garbage from the event.
The 7-day Phoenix Open with 500,000 spectators went zero-waste. The fans loved it, the media was wowed and the sponsors were delighted. The PGA Tour’s largest event was a resounding success – your event will be too!

Why should my event be zero-waste?

  • Fulfill public expectation
  • Garner more sponsorships
  • Fulfill the company mandate of sustainability
  • Engage your employees
  • Reduce environmental strain created by landfills
  • It’s easy!


Here are our Top Ten tips for making your event zero-waste:

  1.  Source recycled materials: Use materials with high post-consumer recycled content.
  2.  Recycle and compost: Place more recycling and compost than trash bins at your venue.
  3.  Engage your guests: Make them part of the effort. Put up easy-to-read signs, colour-code the bins and announce that your event is zero-waste.
  4.  Get some help: Talk to your staff and volunteers about the zero-waste effort. Make sure everyone knows what goes in each bin!
  5.  Find a venue that supports zero-waste: For a green event with a healthy dose of luxury, how about the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel?
  6.  Find a caterer that support zero-waste: Forage Vancouver serves up tasty food with an emphasis on sustainability.
  7.  Jazz up your online RSVP’s: Save on paper and give your event a sophisticated flair. Check out RSVPify for beautiful invitations.
  8.  Use compostable utensils and dish-ware: For even the heartiest meals, we use Biodegradable Solutions.
  9.  Decorate with reused or recyclable materials: Avoid balloons!
  10.  Monitor the bins at the end of the day: It’s easy to forget about earlier efforts at the end of a long day. Guide your guests to the right bins with a smile.

Journey to zero waste

 And one more: share your zero-waste success! Post photos and thank your guests on social media after the event. Congratulate them on a productive day and being part of a green solution.

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