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Are your refrigerator and freezer organized?

Do you want them to be organized? 

Refrigerator/freezer organization is something our house struggles with  If it isn’t bad enough, that no two bottles can be the same size, they have to be varying shapes too.  Factor in various leftovers, fruit and veggies, food intolerances and allergies and your refrigerator/freezer can begin to look like a war zone.

Hopefully, some of these refrigerator freezer organization tools, tips and hacks will help you do just that.

1. Reduce waste by putting expiring food in an “Eat Me First” box.
Even with the best of intentions, you always end up throwing out spoiled or expired food that was buried in the back of the refrigerator. Create an “Eat Me First” bin to prevent future waste.

“Eat Me First” bin

2. Stand upside down condiment bottles in an egg carton.
Place your condiments upside down in an egg carton for an easier squeeze.

bottles in an egg carton.
Bottles in an egg carton.

3. Cover your refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap for easy spill cleanup.

Use shelf liners to keep your stored items & shelves clean and protected. You will never have to wipe your protected surfaces again – simply throw your liners in the wash and reuse them. The cut to fit line pattern makes it easy to cut even pieces that will fit in any size drawer or shelf.

Refrigerator Pad Antibacterial
Refrigerator Pad Antibacterial

4. Glue magnets to the bottom of containers so they stick to the sides of your fridge.

Just by trimming adhesive magnetic sheets to fit on the bottom of small plastic storage containers, you can store things like nuts, seeds and herbs up and off of the valuable shelf space in your refrigerator.

Magnet Fridge
Magnet Fridge

 5. Use magazine holders to create freezer shelves.

The 2 tier design allows for air circulation making this a great option for frozen food.

 6. Keep things within reach with a Lazy Susan.
The secret to total kitchen organization is Lazy Susans—everywhere! Add a few to your refrigerator for easy access, and place a couple in your cabinets to totally eliminate that corner cabinet black hole phenomenon!

7. Organize items into food groups with dollar-store baskets.
Place foods and condiments that your family uses together often in designated baskets. 

Dollar Store Basket

8. Decrease visual clutter by transferring condiments to matching squeeze bottles.

Condiment Bottles

9. Make more room in a freezer by clipping opened bags underneath a shelf.
If you keep lots of frozen fruits and veggies around, use binder clips to fake a second shelf in your freezer.

10. Small Refrigerator Organization Drawers
Try these mini drawers for corralling small items that tend to float around your shelves or larger drawers.  They look perfect for yogurt, snack bars,eggs, etc…

Mini Drawers


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