Designed to help one reduce plastic waste

Beautiful Wooden USB Flash Drives.

There are many reasons why wooden USB sticks are popular. It is instinctive for our brains to have an affinity with nature and natural surroundings. Not only does wood look aesthetically pleasing, it is a tactile material, durable and naturally sustainable. It can also look fantastic as a contrast to your brand colours, either softening or adding a dramatic look as well as being more eco-friendly than plastic. This is also a perfect way to gift photos!

$12.99 LONMAX Gift Wooden USB 2.0


$12.99 LONMAX 16GB Full Capacity USB 2.0 Bamboo Guitar
$17.95 Walnut Wood USB 2.0 8GB Flash Drive
Wood Antique Style 8GB Flash Drive
$11.99 Wood Antique Style 8GB Flash Drive
$26.97 Walnut 16GB USB Flash Drive
$12.00 Wooden Shaped USB Flash
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