Designed to help one reduce plastic waste

Compostable Plant-Based Tableware

I represent you Repurpose, a line of sustainable tableware that looks out for the health of you, your family, and the planet. It’s a company which mission to reduce the amount of plastics in our environment and offer high quality, durable, and guilt-free renewable alternatives.
This is not a typical plastic tableware. It’s made from plants, not petroleum. It is also certified compostable so it will break down in a matter of months, not millennia.
Perfect for events and get together this cup is made from plants, uses soy based inks, is BPA free, and helps you lower your carbon footprint. So grab some today and enjoy the refreshing feeling of doing the right thing for you and your environment.

$46.86 Eco-Friendly, Tree Free, Plant-Based Bowls, 16 Ounce (240 Count)
$53.90 Compostable Plant-Based High Heat Forks
$10.11 Compostable Plant-Based Clear Cold Cup
$47.37 Compostable, Tree Free, Plant-Based Plates

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